Sunday, 11 June 2017

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Here you will find current and up-to-date information on all the happenings, school visits and career information events that come our way.

Our aim is to make available every bit of career advice to enable any student to find out what they need to know about career direction.


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Students thinking about further study after they leave school have a lot of decisions to make.
StudyLink’s website is a great place to visit to get you thinking about what it will cost to live and study. StudyLink can help you work out if study is right for you and how you'll support yourself. How much money you may need to support yourself could surprise you. Once you’ve made the decision to study it’s a good idea to sign up to receive emails from StudyLink. This way you won’t miss out on important information, like when to apply and documents you need to send.
We encourage students and parents to check out

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